You must see his paintings!

Have you ever noticed how beautiful the world around us is? Most of the time, we are too busy to pay attention to such trifles. We always hurry somewhere, with our heads full of thoughts and worries, and even if something truly magical comes our way, we can easily miss it because we are simply not used to finding beauty in simple things. For me, painting is one of the ways to do it. Every time I look out of the window or walk down the street, I keep my eyes peeled for scenes worth capturing. I believe a true artist is capable of making a great painting even out of the most common view. After all, that’s what art is about, isn’t it? And that’s what I appreciate most in works by others.


Today I want to tell you about one of such artists named Leonid Afremov. I saw his canvases in the web two weeks ago and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. Their bright colors, amazing panoramas of city streets and rainy parks, unusual technique and, finally, romantic spirit that can be felt in each stroke just can’t leave you indifferent! I was so inspired by Leonid Afremov’s pictures that I decided to buy one for my bedroom. Besides, I really wanted to check out how it looks ‘in the flesh’ and touch its surface.


However, it took me a while to make that purchase. You see, Leonid sells his works over the internet and I’m not a very big fan of online marketing. At first, I was afraid he might turn out to be just another crook trying to get his hands into my wallet. I already had a sad experience of buying stuff in the web, so one can’t blame for being suspicious. However, after taking a better look at the online gallery of Leonid Afremov and reading one positive review after another, I figured it is a safe place for shop for art. I never regretted my decision. Here are just some of the advantages of Leonid’s online store


  • The prices are quite affordable, even for original paintings.
  • There are regular discounts running on the site. Paintings from the ‘Deal of the Day’ section, for instance, are sold two or even three times cheaper.
  • Delivery is very fast (my painting arrived in just two days) and totally free!
  • Every picture you receive is signed by the artist and accompanied by an authenticity certificate.

I’m fully satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend the web gallery of Leonid Afremov to everyone willing to snatch a few premium paintings at the most affordable price!


My favorite artist

Every artist must have a favorite artist of their own. Mine is Paul Gauguin. He is a world-famous French post-impressionist, but just in case you never heard of him, here is some information on his life and work:  There are many reasons to love his paintings, I’ll name just a few of them. First of all, his style was very unique, unlike anything that existed back then. He is particularly known for an exaggeratedly expressive use of color and thick, bold brushwork. Flat, bright areas with heavy, dark outlines were very characteristic of him. While he drew inspiration from the Impressionist school in his early years, he later moved away from Western society in search of a primitive ideal and started making ethnic sculptures and woodcuts with a deliberate rough-hewn look. His paintings of that period gained even flatter forms and intenser colors in an effort to express ‘an untamed nature.’ However, the overall palette remained muted and quite close together. I’m fascinated with all periods of Gaugin’s work. His paintings had a great impact on many art schools and styles that appeared in the following decades. I wish there were more artists like him today!


Hello strangers!

I’m happy to see you all in my blog 🙂 My name is Emily Winters and I’m just another lonely girl looking to make some friends. I live in a big city, constantly surround my people, but I feel lost and scared in that cold crowd. I’ve always been a bit shy and had troubles mixing up, but now that I moved to a place where I don’t know anyone the tension got even worse. Perhaps it has something to do with my field of work. I’m an artist and so some of my oddities can be forgiven. At least, I’d like to believe so…